Prescription Hearing Aid Cleaning and Repair


Since the invention of hearing aids, many lives have been improved, and cases of hearing loss have become much more treatable. Prescription hearing aid technology has since come a long way, and today even the most basic models are very advanced and sophisticated devices.

Why Hearing Aids Require Cleaning

As with any technology though, users must be aware that they will change over time after continued use. This is even more true for prescription hearing aids because they are a wearable form of technology, so things like wax, debris, and moisture will most likely naturally build up over time.

Along with this, it also possible for a patient’s overall hearing ability to change over time for many reasons like age, environment, or even stress levels. So, prescription hearing aids must be cleaned regularly to improve the overall quality and lifespan of the device(s).

Having to clean your prescription hearing aids (especially for the first time) at Vanguard Hearing Center in Garden City, Michigan may be a bit daunting, which is completely understandable given that hearing aids are delicate and expensive devices.

At Vanguard Hearing Center in Garden City, Michigan, we understand, which is why we offer a prescription hearing aid clean & check service as a solution. Anyone can take advantage of this service at any of our three locations, including non-patients.

What Is Included In A Hearing Aid Clean & Check?

During a routine clean & check, Vanguard Hearing Center will inspect and test your device and make any minor repairs needed. We will then clean and replace filters, vent covers, tubing, and test and replace batteries.
After this, we will check for firmware updates, perform as needed, and place devices in our state-of-the-art drying machine.

How Much Does A Clean & Check Appointment Cost?
Finally, we will schedule any necessary programming adjustments. For non-patients, this service will only cost between $40-$50 out of pocket. We are also able to provide this service for all types of hearing aids.

As stated earlier, it is very important to schedule regular checkups with your physician to ensure that you’re hearing, and device(s) are working as they should. Most checkups are quick and easy and will require a minimal amount of your time.

Due to the nature of the appointment, it will need to be done in person, but we are now offering this service curbside. This ensures the least amount of person-to-person contact possible.

Hearing can have such a huge impact on the quality of life, and we strive to make sure that everyone who enters our office seeking help or treatment–even non-patients–receives the best possible care.

Michigan’s Most Advanced Hearing Aid Clean & Check Service

Finally, here at Vanguard Hearing Center in Garden City, Michigan, we know the importance of a clean hearing aid working to its full capacity. Because of this, when you call to schedule a clean & check appointment, we will always make sure we can see you as soon as possible.

We always clean and check each patients’ device during every appointment with the Hearing Instrument Specialist. If it is just a clean and check appointment, we conduct that curbside.

So, if you or a loved one would like to schedule a professional hearing aid clean & check with one of our experts, please get in touch by clicking this link Alternatively, you can request a callback .