Prescription Hearing Aids

Vanguard Hearing Center located in the Metro Detroit area is your local hearing aid clinic that can help with all your hearing aid needs.

Take control of your hearing and stop into our clinic today to see what we can do to help you with your hearing needs.

Enjoy total control, and the freedom to make the most of every moment. Most insurances accepted.

We Carry several brands of PRESCRIPTION hearing aids

Prescription hearing aids at an affordable price

Support, when and where you need it

Vanguard Hearing Center located in the Metro Detroit area offers top quality hearing aids at reduced prices.

And for those that are interested, we offer financing plans that can fit any budget.


Do you have difficulty hearing?

Take our online hearing screener to help determine if you have hearing difficulty.

Headphones required for this experience.

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Michigan Hearing Aid Cleaning and Repair

Having to clean your hearing aids (especially for the first time) at Vanguard Hearing Center in Garden City, Michigan may be a bit daunting, which is completely understandable given that hearing aids are delicate and expensive devices.