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10 Commonly Asked Hearing Aid Questions and Answers

Vanguard Hearing Center in Garden City, Michigan answers 10 of the most commonly asked questions about hearing aids. Read more to get answers about adjusting to new hearing aids, life expectancy of hearing aids, the differences between mail order aids and medical care and more!

When will I know it’s time to pursue hearing aids?

Anyone over the age of 50 should receive a comprehensive hearing evaluation. If you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves or have trouble following conversations, you should contact your audioprosthologist for an audiologic evaluation.

How long does it take to get used to hearing aids?

Like anything, hearing aids require an adjustment period. To put it simply, hearing aids are providing stimulation and information to your brain that your brain has not received for a long time. Give your brain time to get used to them and remember, everyone’s brains are different therefore adjustment periods vary. It can take up to 4 months to get used to hearing aids.

Are my hearing aids covered by insurance?

Yes! Most hearing aids are now covered by private insurances. Diagnostics such as audiograms are also usually covered by insurance. Call us today at 734-219-4327 and we will contact your insurance to see if you have any benefit or reimbursement program. You may be able to get free or subsidized hearing aids if you work full time or part time through state funded programs.

Do I really need two hearing aids?

If you have hearing loss in both ears the answer is YES! Research shows if someone with hearing loss in both ears only wears one hearing aid, their unaided ear is at great risk for increased and sometimes rapid auditory deprivation.

Will hearing aids help or worsen the ringing in my ears?

Research shows that aiding a hearing loss with hearing aids can actually reduce tinnitus symptoms. Modern hearing aids also come with Tinnitus Masking settings that provide the user with a more pleasant sound than the tinnitus they experience.

Is hearing loss related to other health problems?

Yes! Hearing loss can be connected to cognitive decline, depression, anxiety, social withdrawal, falling and more. Don’t wait to get your hearing checked.

How often should I follow up with my HIS?

After receiving your first pair of hearing aids, we like to see you back at least a couple times within your trial period to ensure you are happy with your devices, make any tuning and programming changes and to help counsel you as you adjust to your hearing aids. After that we recommended you be seen every 6 months for a hearing aid check. We will also evaluate your hearing every 1-2 years based on your treatment program.

How long will my hearing aids last?

Hearing aids typically last about 5-6 years. We say this because of the tremendous advancements in technology. Hearing aids can last longer as long as they are properly taken care of and still appropriate for your lifestyle needs.

What if my hearing gets worse?

If your hearing declines, we are able to make adjustments to the hearing aids based on your updated hearing evaluation.

Why should I receive my hearing healthcare at a medical practice instead of mail order or Costco?

At Vanguard Hearing Center in Garden City, Michigan, and many other medical practices, you are guaranteed to see a Hearing Instrument Specialist so that means every decision about your hearing care is based on smart, professional judgment. You are not guaranteed the same quality care at Costco, or Sams Club, they just dont have the staff to provide long term hearing care.

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